Mission Statement: - To be the preferred Multi-disciplinary Construction Consultancy for our Clients covering a wide variety of professional design and construction services.

Care in what we do

  • Invite, listen to and respect views of other
  • Be conscious that individuals cannot do it all themselves and ask for help when necessary
  • Work well with people who have different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds
  • Understand how our behaviours can be interpreted and consider the impact they have on others
  • Understand the importance of others’ feelings and respect confidentiality
  • Use appropriate language, which respects others
  • Treat others as they would want to be treated
  • Do everything to make a positive difference to our customers and communities

Pride in ourselves

  • Develop and maintain great relationships with our customers
  • Take pride in our work and that of our colleagues
  • Are ambassadors for INVVU and show respect for the organisation
  • Demonstrate a positive, professional attitude
  • Share skills and knowledge, and encourage and support others in applying their ideas
  • Are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for our customers
  • Can be relied on when the going gets tough
  • Celebrate good performance and take the time to thank and praise others
  • Celebrate team successes and contribute to a positive team spirit
  • Seek to learn from colleagues
  • Are flexible and do what needs to be done
  • Take responsibility for our own performance and development
  • Are flexible and support colleagues to build a successful team
  • Work with colleagues for the benefit of the customer
  • Share know-how, skills and expertise with colleagues, when they can

Trust in one another

  • Do what we say and see things through
  • Consistently provide the highest standards of customer service
  • Have a can-do, will-do attitude
  • Are open and honest
  • Communicate truthfully, clearly and concisely
  • Aim to always do the right thing and never compromise our values
  • Think through the consequences of our decisions
  • Speak out when we see something wrong
  • Understand who our customers are, listen to them and act upon their feedback
  • Challenge assumptions in an appropriate way
  • Acknowledge when we make mistakes and take responsibility for correcting them.

Innovation in our daily activities

  • Focus on working smarter to achieve more
  • Challenge the way things have always been done if we can see opportunities for improvement
  • Identify and seek to address the obstacles that get in the way of doing a good job
  • Be open to new ideas and suggestions
  • Look for opportunities to learn new skills
  • Share knowledge and experience with others and contribute to an inclusive environment
  • Enthusiastically help others
  • Ask for help when necessary