September 2018

Invvu Construction Consultants move to their new home at The Barn, Otterpool Lane.

October 2017

Invvu Construction Consultants were formed. At this stage the team had swelled to very capable multi-disciplined consultant. Invvu now offers an innovative, fully integrated design service for the construction industry, one that covers every aspect of five core design disciplines: surveys, civil and structural engineering, architecture, M&E services and project management. We now serve a variety of stakeholders and contractors.

May 2017

Invvu schemes at Snodland Station and Gravesend Station were put forward and subsequently received national awards.


The majority of WSS work was for large external clients. Approximately 80% of workload was from external clients and 20% for Walker Construction. The team at this stage, 12 strong + consultants were offering multi-disciplined design and a select number of surveys.


Electrical Contracting was stopped as it was agreed that WSS should concentrate on Design Consultancy.


WSS employed their first Chartered Structural Engineer to reinforce the multi-disciplined design team.


WSS started to service limited external design contracts as well as offering a variety of design and build services and some basic surveys.


Electrical and Mechanical Building Services design was offered as a design service by WSS.


WSS employed an electrical contracting team who offered services across the business and started to offer contracting to external organisations. At the same time the WSS team continued to offer Health and Safety and limited design input as well as technical and tender support. They also had 2 of their own vans.


Walker Support Services were rebranded as WSS Construction Consultants. This was with the view of increasing external business. In 2008 WSS had Health and Safety staff, acting as CDM Co-ordinators and offered both civil and architectural design, mainly for in-house contracts.


The team grew to 7 staff. It was still an internal division offering support to the main construction arm for tender, technical and limited design support. The market trend for design and build contracts was starting to appear.


Walker Support Services were formed as an internal division to support Walker Construction (UK) Ltd. There was a limited need for technical support so the team was founded with 3 members.